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Prior to acquisition of any company, a buyer is recommended to have legal counsels conduct legal due diligence on a target company in order to analyze the legal status of a company and examine risks from a legal viewpoint.

Normally, a target company/seller will require that a buyer and its team of investment bankers, accountants, attorneys and other advisors sign a confidentiality agreement before a target company/seller agrees to let the due diligence start.

Lawyers may be employed to verify whether a target company is legally operating under the Thai laws or not, and examine and analyze legal risks and potential liabilities of a target company. All contingent and existing liabilities of the company will be pointed out during the due diligence process. So a financial advisor can factor all liabilities/risks of the company into his valuation of the company and structure the deal in the manner that mitigates such risks.

Legal due diligence also verifies the legal ownership of company`s assets. Generally legal due diligence covers the following:

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