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Application for Work Permit

A work permit allows you to work in Thailand as a skilled employee or even as an employer.

Without a work permit, you will have no legal support to stand on and fight for your rights and privileges. JWS can assist you to obtain the Thai work permit so you can work legally in the Kingdom of Thailand.    

According to Working of Aliens Act B.E. 2521 (1978), a foreigner must obtain a work permit before commencing the work in Thailand except for diplomats, United Nations Officers, and individuals performing duties under agreements between Thailand and a foreign government. The definition of “work” is extremely broad and cover all types of activities.

Requirements for Obtaining a Work Permit  

Required Document for Application:


Practical Information:

Department puts a stamp in the back of your passport to certify your employment in Thailand.

Restrictions on Your Work Permit:                                                            

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